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bFtrEHPZsRTSq 31-01-2017 17:34
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OVmRlDYYG 29-01-2017 15:13
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Rob 27-03-2009 10:33
Like the rest of the christmas specials, I thought this was really good. I liked the crossover with the little rune seller, lol
Anzilix 16-03-2009 20:50
that was simply ... genius
azoton 04-08-2008 19:08
damn I am on tears again. you really pick the most touching stories
Redneckizm 31-07-2008 14:50
Maybe hugged a tree druid and set him on fire and he ran around screaming and set the rest of the place on fire. Better than setting Orgrimmar on Fire... she should have gone to Thunderbluff & spread the Holiday "cheer" with all the Tauren since all their huts are wood & canvas!
Redneckizm 31-07-2008 14:33
I was hoping that Chidori had set IF on fire, maybe go to Org to spread some Holiday Cheer witht he Horde and "Accidentally" set it afire also, now THAT woulda been real funny!!!!