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DINkYMVjIRtbRAGd 29-01-2017 15:14
lSgQmylCzSm 29-01-2017 15:13
PXBbdmtHw 02-01-2017 07:46
Trustman 11-09-2009 12:59
This is based on a true story, the character Axeroid plays the Rogue Hemoroid on Frostmane EU today. Go ask him about it.
Kafeii 01-06-2009 13:37
hahahaha that was pretty funny xD
Anzilix 17-03-2009 20:23
he truly is the walking xD
Elrox the Boomkin - Dunemal 11-11-2008 21:58
Hehe this comic is one of my favorites :3
Fear 06-08-2008 15:31
Great comic, Chidori as stated; Keep it up! By the way mind if i ask you something? I hope you dont because here goes; Is this part based on a true story? I mean, did some T3 ├╝ber l33t guy of Death and Destruction come to your server? And, did he join TFR? ^^ Hope you look your comic comments through sometimes so you can answer my question. (Pleeeeeeaaase? *Puppy dog eys*) Once again, Great comic. Fearbotz 70 Warlock - Balnazzar EU
Leanor 23-06-2008 18:11
Great comics! Keep it up Chidori :)