The Order of the Flaming Ruby - Guild Addon
by Jharim


Displays the guild logo and a customisable text when the interface is hidden. The logo is visible at all times and provides guild-related information.


Move the logo by holding the shift key pressed and dragging with the mouse.

The size of the logo can be controlled via the /frscale <scale> slash command.

The text can be changed by /frtext <text>. Simply omit the text to hide the text display.

Set default scale:
/frscale 0.6

Huge logo:
/frscale 2

Set default text:
/frtext The Order of the Flaming Ruby -

Hide the text:


To install the addon, copy the directories CleanShot and FlamingRuby to
"<WoW Install Location>\Interface\AddOns"

This will usually be
"C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns"
or whatever the equivalent location is called in your language.

The Interface and AddOns directories may not exist if you have not installed any addons before. If so, create them.

After installing, see the Readme file in the FlamingRuby directory.