When Sir Uther the Lightbringer was still a young man, his friend Muradin Bronzebeard gave him a silver necklace with a great ruby attached as a symbol of their friendship.

Muradin had found this ruby in the old treasure chambers of Alexstrasza - the Queen of the Dragons.

But unbeknownst to the two friends, legends tell that this stone would burst into flame if awoken. To Uther, the necklace merely represented the symbol of friendship between Dwarves and Men.

Uther carried the necklace as his most loved possesion until his final hour. After prince Arthas' betrayal at Andorhal, the necklace passed on to his close friend and companion, also highly ranked in the Order of the Silver hand, Protheus Mightweaver.

Protheus and the three others of Sir Uther's company was eager to make sure the spirit of the Order of the Silver Hand was carried on beyond Uther's death. They knew the old order had no future, and that they needed greater power than only the race of Men alone could provide.

With this is mind, Protheus Mightweaver sat out to gather the most gifted in their crafts. He felt something special dwelling inside Uther's old necklace, and so he kept it close during his travels.

He returned one year later with men, dwarves, night elves and gnomes. Of these there were one warrior, one hunter, one rogue, one druid, one priest, one warlock and one mage.

Protheus and his newfound comrades joined with the three that was left behind to protect the people. They were now twelve. The First Council came together under the starlight in Elwynn Forest.

Protheus Mightweaver roared: "Welcome, protectors of the Alliance!" And just then the ancient ruby started to glow. Protheus threw it to the ground. Everyone present could do nothing but to watch the stone's awakening.

Fierce flames erupted from inside it, melting the silver it was attached to. And in this hour, Protheus gave name to the new order. The ruby was later brought to Ironforge where it still is kept in the deep of the mountain.

And thus it was that the Order of the Flaming Ruby was born to fight for peace and prosperity in the world of Azeroth.

After the Mightweavers passing, the Order has been ruled by his closest comrades. Kinx Quickblade has taken the greatest responsibility, aided by Maximilian Aladric at his right hand side. Many have followed, and the Order now has a mighty force - worthy of it's originators.