The Charter is the very definition of the guild. It will tell you what we stand for and what we expect from our members. Every member of The Order must agree on the charter.

Therefore, if you are thinking about applying to The Order, you must read the charter.

It is a good idea to come back here from time to time to make sure you are following it. The Commander and The Council will work hard to make sure everyone
acts according to the charter at all times.


        §1 General
        §2 Chat
        §3 Raiding
             3.1 Official Raids
             3.2 How to act
             3.3 Loot management
        §4 Recruitment


The Order of the Flaming Ruby is an Alliance guild created to protect the free lands against the evils of Azeroth and beyond. The Order was founded by Protheus Mightweaver, a former paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand and close friend of Uther Lightbringer. When Mightweaver left this world, command was given to Kinx Quickblade, a renowned gnome rogue. The Order had grown under Mightweaver and continued to do so under the leadership of Quickblade.

Our goal is to grow into a strong and brave society with two key virtues in mind: morale and friendship. This is no place for those weak of heart, as you will encounter and fight the most vile creatures imaginable. If you return victorious, with treasure or no treasure in hand, you will always value the victory higher than the lack of treasure. The Order will grow strong with high morale, teamwork and good organisation and so we have no room for selfishness.

The Order began as a band of friends, and we still want friendship to play a central role in the guild. We strongly encourage people to help eachother just for the sake of helping. Conflicts and disagreements will occur. Between friends, it will be solved and learned from rather than break us apart. We also want our soldiers and officers to be positive and friendly, and back eachother up if anyone has a bad day. UP

A soldier of The Order of the Flaming Ruby must always be just and have the common good as her or his top priority. You must not, under any circumstance, insult anyone intentionally, but act in a humble and diplomatic manner. Arrogance is not accepted: if someone needs help, you give it if you can. If you end up in a party with useless men and women, you help them as far as you can, and you try to make them better. Yelling or cursing at them won't make the situation better. A soldier of The Order will make sure that she or he can be trusted, and will work to better our reputation.

An officer of The Order of the Flaming Ruby must act in the same helpful, humble and diplomatic manner as our soldiers do. You will also show strong leadership when the duty of leading is given to you. When not leading you will be easily lead, and not complain on the leadership unless crucial. You must work even harder to show The Order from it's best side at all times. As an officer you will spread the word of The Order and make sure we recruit the best soldiers available. UP

§1 General
   a) All members are expected to keep up to date on any orders, information or guidelines given on the forums.
   b) Breaking one or more of the following rules may result in membership termination.

§2 Chat
   a) Our guild chat is not of the strictest. But you will use common sense, never spam and write as good as you can. The guild chat is OOC. However, you will keep in character in /say and in parties with members that require it.
   b) You do not need to write perfect english grammar, but we do not tolerate constant leetspeak (omgomg!!111 t3h f14|\/|i|\|g r00by i5 t3h 1337357 3v4h!!!!!11oneone) or letters substituted for words (u for you, r for are etc.). Playing a character that has a certain way of speaking is allowed (accents, speech impediments etc.) In other words, what is described in Blizzard's Roleplaying Policy.

§3 Raiding
   3.1 Official Raids

   a) An official guild raid is a raid that is approved by either the High Commander, the Luminary, a Councillor or a Marshal.
   b) Any raid that is not official will use rolling for distributing loot.
   d) Only 25-man instance raids give RLP, and these will be the regular scheduled events.
   e) All Raid Force members are expected to be prepared for all raids.
   f) All Raid Force members are expected to be able to use voice communication.
   e) Alternate characters will be taken if they're seen as beneficial for the raid. In other words, you raid with your main character if not the Raidleader asks you to bring your alt.

   3.2 How to Act

   a) If you are going AFK, state so clearly to an Officer, with reason, and estimated time away, please remember to use /afk to turn AFK on or off, and check if you are when back.
   b) If you are leaving raid, tell the Raid Leader before the next encounter. If you know when you have to leave before the raid starts, tell an Officer when.
   c) If there is something that is not clear about your role, and what you are doing, or supposed to do, state this clearly to the Raid Leader.
   d) Pay attention to what the Officers tells you.
   e) If you think we are lacking priests, or druids, or any class, do NOT say 'We're never going to make it!' in raidchat. Rather tell the Raidleader if you think he/she hasn't thought through it.
   f) When there is the subject of loot, bidding, and distributing, congratulate your friend outside /ra. Noone needs a cluttered raidchat, thus losing important information.
   g) The same goes for normal chatting, please keep it outside /ra, since too much important information might be lost, and lost information can mean lost battle. This goes for buff requests as well.
   h) Don't whine, we don't want whining, atleast not so we can read or hear it. 'CRAP! I died, again!' works but not 'Wtf, why the hell are you letting me die all the time, heal ffs!'. You whine, you get a warning, you don't listen, you don't raid.
   i) Respect the fact that some are in command, and you are not. You can claim to be in command, when you have shown you can be in command, till then, make quiet suggestions as to not disturb someone already stressed or busy making the raid go on.
   j) Discipline is important, maintain focus, and relax when you can. If you are not up to it, leave the raid, or take a break.
   k) If you are not in the mood, bad mood, or simply just not the person to endure a long raiding marathon, don't raid, simple as that. The leaders will notice if you are not suited to raid, and act accordingly.
   l) If something goes wrong, don't point fingers at anyone, with the exception of yourself, and what you did, unless it is constructive, and politely phrased.

   3.3 Loot Management
   a) Everyone participating in 25-man raids (see 3.1a) is entitled to receive Ruby Loot Points (RLP).
   b) Talking about loot is not allowed. Planning to pass, discussing bids or anything of the kind is strictly forbidden. Even if it may seem friendly to you, it's horribly unfair to everyone else, and it destroys the system. Do NOT talk about loot.
   c) Squires don’t get RLP, the RLP is given to the main character.
   d) No member may have less than 200 negative RLP (-200). Trial Members or guests can’t have negative RLP at all. Noone may bid on an item if that results in them having RLP below their limit, except in the case described in §4. RLP from earlier slain bosses, attendance and extra time in the current raid counts.
   e) When an item is dropped, the bidding starts. The bidding rounds are as follows: (1)Needers with equal to or more RLP than the minimum bid of the item, (2) Needers with RLP of 0 or higher, (3) needers with less than 0 RLP, (4) needers which will go below their limit after bidding, (5) everyone else. At (3); noone can exceed their limit with more than 50 RLP.
      If only one participant of the raid needs the item, he or she will get in for the minimum RLP cost.
      If two or more participants need the item, bidding begins. This is done silently and only to the Loot Manager of the raid. Bids must be over the item’s minimum RLP cost. If the bids are equal, the ones concerned go bid silently again. If they bid alike again, they go into an open bidding.
      If no participants want an item, then it will be disenchanted.
   f) Players that go offline will be awarded with RLP if they can provide a valid reason as to why they did so.
   g) Each hour give RLP.
   h) Each boss give RLP.
   i) Please view the RLP Status Site for more information.

§4 Recruitment
   a) Anyone who wishes to join The Order of the Flaming Ruby must first write a full application. Applicants for the Raid Force must write an extensive application.

   a) Applicants must be over the age of seventeen (17) and meet all requirements listed in the Joining section of the site and the Applicantion Information post in the
   c) Please view the joining page for more information.

Hail Protheus Mightweaver!

Your luminary,


Maximilian Aladric, 02.05.07