The High Commander:

Kinx Quickblade

The Council Luminary:
Maximilian Aladric



The High Commander:
Executive leader of the Order.

The Council Luminary:
Head of the Council and in charge of the Rules and the Charter.

Part of the central decision making organ, the Council.



The High Commander
The exectutive leader and general of the forces. He has the final word in general matters that are not taken into The Council. Kinx is indeed very small - but don't be fooled, behind the small stature of a gnome is a great leader. Hail and obey!

The Council Luminary
Head of the Council, and Deputy Commander. The Luminary's main duties are maintaining rules, organisation and structure. He distributes the workload of the Council and makes sure that assigned tasks are followed through. Maximilian is also in charge of the website.

The Councillor's duties are many. The main responsibilities of each Councillor are listed at the top right section of this page. However, The Council works together in all of these matters, and substitute eachother when it's nesessary.

The Marshals are co-executives in the Raid Force. One of their important tasks is to manage the Raid Force roster, including evaluation, recruiting and kicking.

The rank of Veteran is given to those that have served The Order in a extraordinary manner over a long period of time (such as former class leaders). They are members of the Raid Force.

Enforcers are members of the Raid Force.

All non-raiding members of the guild are given the rank of Consort.

Squires and Council Aides
Squires are alternate characters. Council Aides are alts of officers.